What is SwapDEX

All the Decentralized Financial Products in one Place

SwapDEX will provide a wallet-to-wallet trading experience to make it easier to trade assets as well as a market leading aggregator to ensure the best possible returns for your trades.

We will offer a lending platform to enable you to put your coins up as collateral for a loan – you no longer need to sell your coins just to make a move.

We will be hosted on our own chain where SDX will be used to pay for gas. This will give SDX holders the opportunity to run nodes to get a share of the gas used on our own chain. The exchange will be cross chain operating across our own chain and Ethereum.

We will offer staking of the SwapDEX token with no time locks and no penalties for staking or unstaking. Staking returns will be offered in the platform’s Stablecoin.

All income generated by the platform will be returned to holders of the SDX token and the platform itself.

The SDX token acts as a Governance token. Each SDX token holder has the right to control or send proposals to alter the platform rules. These proposals will be voted on by the community of SDX holders.


SwapDEX is the future

No Registrations

Registrations take too much time, with some exchanges requiring you to confirm your identity through forms and personal documents (which is known as KYC) before they will even let you trade. Simple trading from wallet-to-wallet via SwapDex is much easier and does not require you to fill out forms to KYC.


We provide a convenient trading solution where you can exchange tokens through our router pool, commonly called an aggregator, giving users the benefit of a market leading price. SDX holders will get benefit from loans, interest, borrowing, staking and leverage trade.

Third Parties

We are an open platform. Anyone can build applications throughout our ecosystem and benefit from our growing community. This includes making use-cases via the SwapDex SDK or simply applications that use our token protocol.

Limit Orders

The DEX will allow limit orders and wallet-to-wallet trades meaning tokens do not need to be deposited onto the exchange. The DEX will share liquidity with the Swap and the aggregator so if the market reaches your buy or sell price, the trade will be filled by the market.


SDX holders with 10,000 SDX or more can run nodes for our chain. Mining rewards are distributed 51% to nodes, 9% to stakers and 40% to Community Treasury. For transactions on our own chain, the SDX coin will be used to pay for gas.

Fully Automated

No human interaction required, everything is automated. The smart contracts take care of all the processes and are also completely open source. Decentralization at its finest!

SDX Coin Tokenomics

SDX Distribution

Upon release of the SwapDEX Smart Chain (SSC), the existing SDX token will be swapped with the SDX coin that is native to the SSC. This will happen automatically, with the airdrop happening on a 1:1 basis based on real time holdings so you are welcome to trade in the meantime.

After the airdrop, holders will only need to add the SSC to their wallet of choice and add the new contract and their holdings will show up.


Full instructions on how to do this will be provided at launch.

When the new coin is deployed, the starting total supply will be reduced to 200,000,000 with the allocation being:



90,000,000 SDX airdropped 1:1 to Existing Holders to replace current SDX token.


70,000,000 SDX to the Community Treasury — this fund is entirely controlled by the community for initiatives to strengthen the platform.


40,000,000 SDX to the SwapDEX Reserve — this fund will receive the leftover amount after the airdrop and the Community Fund is allocated. This fund will be used by the team to continue to support and develop the platform.


Download MetaMask

Why Metamask?

MetaMask is a Google Chrome, Brave, Opera and Firefox extension for the browser which makes it easy for web applications to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain.

In other words, MetaMask is a wallet for your browser to interact with our presale and all our future applications.

Watch the video to learn more about MetaMask.

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