Decentralised Finance is the future

Decentralised Exchanges, In-House & P2P Loans, Staking and Stablecoins, DeFi all in one place!


All the Decentralized Financial Products in one Place

SwapDex provides a wallet-to-wallet trading experience to make it easier to trade assets and utilise an easy swap option.

We have the latest in decentralized exchanges which give you the choice of becoming a taker, maker and becoming a liquidity provider or just to swap assets. We also provide solutions on how to trade bitcoin in the ETH ecosystem using counter parties.
The SDX token acts as a Governance token. Each SDX token holder has the right to control our stablecoins and send proposals to alter the platform rules. These proposals will be voted on by the community of SDX holders.


About our Presale

SwapDex raised approximately 595 Ethereum during presale with 672,470,000 of SDX tokens burnt from the original 1 billion supply.
The Ethereum raised is to be used to provide liquidity to both exchanges featured on SwapDex with also a small amount going onto Uniswap to get the initial trading open to the public, the remaining funds are to be used to showcase SwapDex through many PR and marketing promotional companies.
The current supply is 327,530,000 million SDX tokens.



100,000,000 SDX



50,000,000 SDX



77,530,000 SDX



100,000,000 SDX

SwapDex is the Future

No Registrations

Registrations take too much time, with some exchanges requiring you to confirm your identity through forms and personal documents (which is known as KYC) before they will even let you trade. Simple trading from wallet-to-wallet via SwapDex is much easier and does not require you to fill out forms to KYC.


We provide a convenient trading solution where you can exchange tokens through our router pool, commonly called an aggregator, giving users the benefit of a market leading price. SDX holders will get benefit from loans, interest, borrowing, staking and leverage trade.

Third Parties

We are an open platform. Anyone can build applications throughout our ecosystem and benefit from our growing community. This includes making use-cases via the SwapDex SDK or simply applications that use our token protocol.

Instant Swaps

The tokens that are traded on SwapDex will take place directly between users wallet-to-wallet where each party will immediately receive the token without needing to deposit onto an exchange.


Anyone starting an organization or creating an ERC20 token for any purpose can add their token to the exchange for free and create a market for their token.

Fully Automated

No human interaction required, everything is automated. The smart contracts take care of all the processes and are also completely open source.
Decentralization at its finest!


Swap System Protocol

Swap System Protocol
Our Swap exchange is a seamless wallet-to-wallet experience giving users ease of access to hundreds of markets straight out of their own wallets.
Liquidity providers can benefit from adding to pools earning them a percentage of the fees while new projects can use our governance voting to be able to get their token listed.



Decentralized Exchange

Our decentralized exchange will feature a brand new technology making trading on third party platforms a thing of the past. Each user will be able to be a maker or taker straight out of their own wallet.


Staking Platform

Passive Income

Passive Income
Holders of SDX will have an option to stake for a share of profits which will come from trade fees through our exchanges and real world use cases.
Each staked SDX token will be receive a reward giving holders a nice steady passive income in our Stablecoin USDX.



In House & P2P

Using the SDX token, users will be able to take out loans from the house, or with other users, based on their equity held in the SDX token.
This way holders can put their asset to work instead of selling on the open market which also reduces the sell pressure.
Users can loan and easily redeem the token after paying a small interest rate.


Download MetaMask

Why MetaMask?

Why MetaMask?
MetaMask is an extension for Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and Firefox browsers which makes it easy for web applications to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, MetaMask is a wallet for your browser.
To interact with our presale and all our future applications, you need MetaMask.
Watch the video to learn more about MetaMask.
Watch the video to learn more about MetaMask.

MetaMask How-To