Platform Overview


Swap System Protocol

Our Swap exchange is a seamless experience giving users ease of access to hundreds of markets straight out of their own wallets, powered by a market leading aggregator which will give you the best price 7/10 times.

Liquidity providers can benefit from adding to pools earning them a percentage of the fees while new projects can use our governance voting to be able to get their token listed.


Decentralized Exchange

Our decentralized exchange will feature a brand new technology making trading on third party platforms a thing of the past. Each user will be able to be a maker or taker straight out of their own wallet and have access to easy to use limit orders.


Staking Platform

Passive Income

Holders of SDX will have an option to stake for a share of profits which will come from trade fees through our exchanges and real world use cases.

Each staked SDX token will be receive a reward giving holders a nice steady passive income in our Stablecoin.


In House & P2P

Using the SDX token, users will be able to take out loans from the house, or with other users, based on their equity.

Held in the SDX token. This way holders can put their asset to work instead of selling on the open market which also reduces the sell pressure.

Users can loan and easily redeem the token after paying a small interest rate.




The SSC will enable users to transact on our chain at a blistering pace with 0 gas fees. All core functions of the SwapDEX platform will be hosted on the SSC, where SDX will be used to pay for gas (if required during peak traffic), and other projects will have the option of launching on a truly decentralised alternative to Ethereum.

Rewards will be distributed at 220 SDX per minute, which translates to roughly 9.5 million SDX per month. This amount will halve each year to keep inflation in check. The rewards will be distributed as follows:

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