Decentralised Finance is the future

DEX and SWAP exchanges, peer 2 peer loans, staking and USDX stablecoin!

Investment trading with an ecosystem that shares wealth


All the decentralized financial products in one place

The company are to develop a double decentralized exchange SwapDEX that enables the trading of coins and ERC20 tokens between users without an intermediary.

First SWAP will be a pooling proof of liquidity atomic swap platform and DEX will be a classic decentralized exchange, but our unique system will allow all this straight out of the users wallets without the need to transfer any coin or token directly on to a third party platform meaning its stays in your wallet until the trade as been initialized.


About the presale

SwapDEX aims to achieve a hard cap of 3000 ETH. The soft cap is 500 ETH and 3M tokens have been released for the presale.

To participate or for more information about the presale we ask you to join our Discord server.



400,000,000 SDX



100,000,000 SDX



300,000,000 SDX



200,000,000 SDX

SwapDEX is the future

No registrations

Registrations are a thing of the past. It takes too much time and also takes away the privacy of the user. It was also Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision to only have a wallet address, so we like to keep it that way!


People who hold SDX tokens will be rewarded from not only the Swapdex exchanges but the SDX token will have a complete Eco system and Defi where holders will also benefit from loans, interest, borrowing, staking and leverage trade

SDX & Third parties

Since SDX will have its own Eco system and Defi technologies.. any company or start up who wishes to use our token are free to explore the many advantages our product could bring to their communities and to expand our brand.

Instant swaps

The tokens you buy will go directly to your personal wallet once the transaction has been confirmed. No withdrawal addresses, but instant swaps. 100% decentralized!


Anyone starting an organization or creating an ERC20 token for any purpose can add their token to the exchange for free and create a market for their token.

Fully automated

No human actions, everything is automated. The smart contracts take care of all processes, the smart contracts are also completely open source. Decentralization at its finest!


Uniswap protocol

Info for the Uniswap exchange


Decentralized DEX

Info for the DEX exchange


Staking platform

Info for the staking platform


Peer 2 Peer loans

Info for the peer 2 peer loans